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Kosher Cajun – New York Deli and Grocery
3519 Severn Avenue – Metairie, LA 70002
Telephone: (504) – 888 – 2010 – Fax: (504) – 888 – 2014

Everything we serve in our deli and restaurant is strictly (glatt) kosher. Pas Yisrael baked goods and Bishul Yisrael (tuna), as applicable, is available upon request. Chassidishe Shechita is available on many though not all items in our restaurant. Just ask Joel, Mary or Jennifer – one of them is always on the premises at all times.

Any questions you may have about our supervision should be directed to the Kashrut Director of the Louisiana Kashrut Committee, Rabbi Yossi Nemes.


Shalom/Welcome to the virtual version of New Orleans’ premier Kosher delicatessen and grocery. Established 1987, we continue to serve our loyal clientele and tourists as we witness the rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina.

Our grocery provides customers with what is easily the largest selection of kosher products in Louisiana. Whether you’re looking for high quality and hard to find delicacies, or have special dietary needs such as vegetarian and lactose or sugar free foods, you’re sure to find something to your liking from among our huge selection.

Our full-service kitchen cooks fresh, homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner fare, which is served up in our newly expanded restaurant dining area, as well as packaged for hotel delivery catered events and other special occasions meals.

In addition to enlarging our dining room, our menu boasts full course meals including chicken and steaks from grill, fresh soups and salads, and even a children’s menu, all at family-friendly prices.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s our full selection of fresh, made to order items from our deli: chopped liver, knishes, nova salmon, Dr. Brown’s soda and, of course, our pastrami and corn beef about which customers and local food critics simply rave.

And everything is Glatt Kosher and under strict rabbinic supervision.

So stay a while and find out what new epicurean experiences await you or, better yet, come visit “the best New York Deli in New Orleans.” Kosher Cajun is located three blocks from Lakeside Mall at 3519 Severn in Metairie, Louisiana.